Garmin Taiwan App Reviews

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Best NaviApp

The best one among all other navigation apps.

Buggy under iOS 10

Need an update, the app is extremely buggy under iOS 10. Screen redraw problem in horizontal position. The app also will loose satellite connection during driving. The was an awesome app, but it needs an update now!

Salaam Alakum

I love it Al hum du lil la :) Garmin is the Best GPS.

No more Chinese display

Used to be good. However, after iOS 9, the new installation wont display Chinese. Tried to go Settings/Audio and Display/Display/Language to adjust but nothing works. Please fix the bug. Thanks!


I am so happy they came out with this app. I have been using Garmon N America and it has been working great. I have been playing around with the Garmen Taiwan app, and so far it looks good. I have used this in taiwan and it works great

Poor map resolution

This map shows only low resolution on ipad.

works great but needs support for the new resolution!

amazing app, but we need support for the new resolution please!

It has been great but

After the last update today. The app keeps crashing... Im using 4S plz fix this?!!


Thank you for update to support iPhone 5 big screen!!!!


等到發荒的iPhone5 尺寸出來,卻一開就三秒閃退... 從能用變到完全不能用..


Keeps crashing after update! Please fix it Update: Fixed after reinstalled. Great APP

Not good!!

There is no speed limit alert even enable the option after updating 2.6 version. so recently i received over speed ticket from police. how can i fix this problem?? i can not re-install because of my personal data in this App.

Best car GPS app!!

When I bought this app, Ive struggle if Im willing to pay this much for a GPS app... After I bought, I think this totally worth buying!! Work very well!! I only hope that they can add the voice command which will make it 100% complete!

Good app but not working after upgrading

I really like this app, but I was asked to pay again to download it after upgrading to iOS 8. This is just ridiculous!

Nice GPS and really helping but...

It can always provide a better route compare to google map. But I hope if there will be better if there is video recording function. It will make this app nearly perfect for me. I am expecting it happen.


Once you buy the app you have to pay 2000nt to get the map. Price of the map should be requested upfront I think.

I cant change language

I cant change language on iOS9, please fix it thanks.

無法在背景使用 Does not run in background

這個版本在離開App後就停止導航。如果在導航中接電話,或到播放音樂的App,導航就不會持續更新定位,非常不方便。在過往即使離開App也會在畫面頂端出現一條藍條顯示Garmin在背景讀取定位,但新的版本不會。Garmin服務建議不要離開導航App,但這只會增加使用者的危險,因為要一直切回導航App。 The updated version no longer runs the gps in the background. The navigation will stop if user leaves the app. This is very inconvenient and u safe because the user will always need to switch back to the Garmin App.

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